Powertronic is an experienced total solution provider for all your computer, electronic disposal and asset recovery needs. We provide value to your company with the prompt removal of all your excess computer related inventory or capital equipment. We recycle obsolete equipment in an environmentally safe manner as well as reselling equipment on secondary markets in order to return value back to you!
  • Our objective is to prevent any materials from heading to the landfill
  • We protect your confidentiality as well as that of your customers and employees
  • Our recycling staff is trained to protect your interests and make certain your information does not leave our facility as well as adhering to any and all E.P.A. guidelines that are in effect or that may arise in the future
  • Our sales staff makes sure that a portion of every positive settlement is returned to you
  • Our customers, staff and ownership are all in a partnership, we work hard for you, to protect you and to make you money when possible
Powertronic is an industry leader in asset management, the recycing and reuse of a vast array of end-of life and obsolete computers, computer monitors and other electronic equipments.
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